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Exchange students are supported by Feevale University

14/04/2020 - Atualizado 13/04/2020 10h59min

Institution promotes a series of actions to exchange students, such as remote monitoring, support in activities, psychological support and assistance in commuting


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Feevale University has been working with constant monitoring and support, both for foreign academics who are at the Institution this semester, and for students who are abroad. Currently, there are students from Mexico and the Netherlands studying in Brazil, and Feevale academics in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Mexico and Portugal. They have psychological support, through the Psychology Center, as well as support in their activities, in conjunction with the coordination of courses and travel (in the case of those abroad), among other measures.

Students returning to Feevale at this time also have monitoring and integration in activities such as online enrollment, guidance with coordinators and articulation with sectors such as Academic Registration and Finance Department. Another support is the completion of the enrollment process for the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (Elap) scholarship program, in partnership with Canadian universities (undergraduate: Concordia University of Edmonton and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières; and post -graduation: Brock University and University of Calgary). Other scholarship programs, such as Santander, Erasmus and IBS Americas - International Business School are being rescheduled.

Paula Cundari, Director of International and Institutional Affairs at the University, recalls that the institutions are in permanent contact with the Health Authorities in relation to the situation of Covid-19, and that, fortunately, there is no record of cases of contagion in these universities so far. Even so, the recommendations that must be followed are reinforced. “

Academics, at this moment, can stay calm and need to take care of themselves, paying attention to food and isolation. They should not be concerned with academic issues, as they will not be harmed, since these are being adjusted to the digital modality and the schedules are being revised”, she says.

In this sense, the international relations offices will be in constant contact with the academics, and the questions related to the semester's subjects will be properly adjusted.

Academic of the Civil Engineering course at Feevale, Matheus Schmitt is, this semester, in the city of León, Mexico, for an exchange at the Universidad De La Salle Bajío. Although he recognizes the importance of the situation in the Covid-19 pandemic, he believes that his exchange is not being harmed.

It is not affecting my experience, in fact I am learning to manage anyway," he explains.