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Feevale Veterinary Students Will Go to Denmark on Paid Scholarships

17/10/2022 - Atualizado 18/10/2022 15h11min

Estudantes Medicina Veterinária

Academics will spend a year in the country, between 2022 and 2023

The students Luan Oliveski Roth, Vinicius Ebling Pacheco and Vitória Altenhofer, of the Veterinary undergraduate course, at Feevale University, will go to Soenderjysk Landboforening (SLF) in Denmark to participate of an internship. These are the first paid scholarships that students from the Institution's course will participate in outside the country. Students will spend two semesters in the Nordic country, between 2022 and 2023. For Luan Roth, the scholarship will be of great importance in his education. “I am very happy with this opportunity. It will be a very enriching experience culturally and professionally. We will have a very rich contact with the culture of this place that is so different from Brazil”, he explains.

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Earlier this year, Feevale University signed a cooperation agreement with Soenderjysk Landboforening (SLF), from Denmark, an association of advisers to rural producers in that country. The partnership aims to promote and implement internship agreement for Feevale students with farmers associated with the SLF or related to them, as well as enabling other relevant projects jointly between the two institutions.

Denmark is one of the world references in dairy production, which is highly technological, and supports an industry of high quality dairy products. The association, based in Vojens, guarantees strong interdisciplinary and customer-oriented collaboration in all departments – both in management and in the field.


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