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Feevale and Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce are analyzing partnerships

06/09/2021 - Atualizado 15h16min

New opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and business are being prospected


The Rector of Feevale University, Cleber Prodanov, received last Thursday afternoon, the 2nd, a visit from Max Paul, president of Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was also attended by the Director of International and Institutional Affairs, Paula Casari Cundari. Before that, he got to know Hub One, a unit of Feevale Techpark in Novo Hamburgo.

During the meeting, actions for the connection of Feevale with universities from Texas, in the United States, were discussed, as well as possibilities for cooperation among Feevale Techpark companies and Texan companies.

It was an interesting visit to prospect new international partners, which will be important to encourage our students and companies to develop through innovation and entrepreneurship with this exchange relationship with Texas”, highlighted Prodanov.

We seek to understand the work carried out by Feevale so that we can generate new business and offer the solutions worked here at the University to companies and units in Texas”, added Paul.

About Brazil-Texas Chamber
Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce aims to promote the interaction of industry and commerce, foster the integration of universities and research centers and carry out exchanges and professional training events, promoting bilateral relations between Brazil and the United States, through Texas.


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