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Feevale academics will represent the Institution in a world championship in France

25/05/2020 - Atualizado 08h54min

FarmTwizy Team won the national stage of the Renault Twizy Contest 2020 challenge


For the second consecutive year, a group of students from Feevale University won the Renault Experience challenge. The FarmTwizy team is made up of academics from different courses at the Institution, who participated in the Twizy Contest 2020, a global initiative by Renault to encourage students to innovate, based on the concept of electromobility and on the Twizy model. They won, in the final, students from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), from São Paulo.

The participants, who were guided by professors Juan Almada and Fabiano Nunes, had the idea of developing FarmTwizy, an electric vehicle that brings an innovative solution to the agribusiness market, with the purpose of increasing productivity in agriculture. In addition, the product intelligently provides mobility and crop management. With modern technology, in a sustainable way, the vehicle offers the farmers tools for soil analysis, leaf analysis and visual monitoring of the entire plantation, helping them in combating pests and guiding them in the necessary actions to obtain the best results.

Vinicius Wilbert, team leader, graduated in Design from Feevale University, says that the group's objective was to build a legacy, based on the proposed ideas to bring well-being to people's lives.

We were honored to win this award and we are very happy to be able to not only deliver an innovative idea, but to achieve our purpose, which is to impact people's lives through mobility and technology," he explains.

The team consists of Wilbert, Niklaus Lauxen and Gustavo Siebel, from the Electronic Engineering course, Elienai Josias, from the Mechanical Engineering course and technician at Feevale Technology Workshop, and Paulo César Junior, from the Production Engineering course.

Made possible by the Directorate of Innovation and the Creative and Technological Sciences Institute, through the Institution's Design Center, students will develop a prototype in a Renault Twizy. The students will also receive mentoring and content to develop the winning idea and represent Brazil in Renault's Global Challenge Twizy Contest, which will take place in France, with a date yet to be confirmed.

For the director of the Creative and Technological Sciences Institute, João Batista Mossmann, it is immensely gratifying to see, again, Feevale academics winning this challenge. “The University has this space for exchanging training, research, innovation and knowledge. In addition, the Institution assists students in experimenting, in entrepreneurship and in the development of innovative products, making them stand out along the training trajectory”, he highlights.

The Director of Innovation, Daiana de Leonço Monzon, emphasizes the importance of having another group taking the University's knowledge abroad.

This shows that we are on the right track, with all the curricular restructuring that we did within the University's courses with the Feevale Way, bringing companies into the classroom and providing academics experience with real cases. I believe they will represent us very well in France and we hope that they will be able to overcome this stage because we believe in the potential of our students”, she concludes.


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