IPSmart promotes integration between academics from Brazil and Finland | Universidade Feevale

IPSmart promotes integration between academics from Brazil and Finland

13/09/2019 - Atualizado 08h36min

Aula a distância
Aula a distância

Feevale and Hamk Partnership Provided Distance Learning Between Electronic Engineering and Design Courses

During the week, Feevale University conducted distance learning with Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), from Finland. The pilot edition of IPSmart provided an integration between students from the Finnish Institution's Electronic Engineering course and Feevale Design course, and aimed to focus on the development of design concepts for home application robots and wearable technologies. The students were guided in Brazil by Professor André Conti and in Finland by Timo Karppinen.

On Thursday morning, 12, the activities of this first stage were closed, which, according to Conti, made the creative processes of the courses involved complement each other. “While engineers have a more pragmatic focus on application viability, designers have a more user-oriented, consumer-oriented perspective. When they come in contact, we have a result with very interesting potential”, he said. Students from both universities presented their ideas and were also able to make suggestions and criticisms that, for the Professor, helped to prove that the activity works and that it can be repeated. Professor Karppinen plans to visit Feevale in October and bring the necessary devices from Hamk to teach in Brazil

International cooperation

The cooperation between Feevale University and Hamk was established through an agreement signed in 2006 and, since then, they have developed a productive partnership in teaching, research and extension, with significant student and professor mobility between the two countries. The agreement with the Finnish institution and VIA University College, from Denmark, has evolved into a strategic alliance. The new agreement, signed in 2016, started the Beyond: Alliance for Knowledge (BAK) trilateral agreement, which aims to expand actions for international education, integrating research groups and internationalizing companies linked to partner universities' technology parks, among others cooperation actions.