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Feevale University Launches Artificial Intelligence Platform

26/05/2021 - Atualizado 09h55min

Content available on the site can be used by city halls and schools to spread knowledge in the area

inteligencia artificial

Inspired by market trends and the future of technology, Feevale University, through the Pro-Rector Office for Research, Graduate Studies and Extension (Proppex), has launched a digital platform with content related to Artificial Intelligence. After being contemplated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), with the approval of a project, the University has created a website that will serve as a learning platform.

The content has been created with a focus on the news and future perspectives of Artificial Intelligence, such as Big Data and new technologies. In addition, the site addresses a reflection on what leadership in times of uncertainty means, how the future of learning will be, among other topics. The responsible team for the creation of the platform is composed by the professors of the Institution Marta Rosecler Bez, Débora Nice Ferrari Barbosa, Juliano Varella de Carvalho and Rodrigo Staggemeier, by the director of Feevale Elementary and Secondary School, Janine Vieira, and by the representative of the Research and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Center from Proppex, Raquel Helene Kleber.

All content produced and made available on the site can be used by city halls and schools to disseminate knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The digital platform will bring together different audiences, especially students from schools in the region, both public and private. Virtual reality is not something to predict the future, it is the moment, and these relationships become more and more intense. Therefore, the school reality must be prepared for such connections”, emphasizes Pro-Rector for Research, Graduate Studies and Extension, João Sganderla Figueiredo.

The collection, which will be available on the site free of charge, includes publications of scientific journeys and lecture cycles, among other formats. In addition, the project will seek to promote spaces for discussion in which the public will be able to interact with experts in the field through lives. The project will also be part of the Undergraduate Research Fair, which takes place during Inovamundi, an exhibition of research papers by Elementary, High School and Technical students, promoted by Feevale School.

The platform, which has the support of the Digital Technology Center (Ceted) at Feevale University, can be accessed through the link http://ceted.feevale.br/ianaescola/.


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