Feevale University is selected for the Pint of Science Brazil | Universidade Feevale

Feevale University is selected for the Pint of Science Brazil

04/02/2019 - Atualizado 20/02/2019 14h57min

During the event, next May throughout the country, researchers go to bars and pubs to spread the scientific research

Feevale University was selected to participate in the Brazilian edition of Pint of Science 2019. At the event, which was created in England in 2013, researchers leave universities and research institutes to talk directly to people in bars and pubs in an easy and relaxed way with the goal of disclosing scientific research. The edition of this year will take place at Campus 3 Rock Bar and at Butiquim Resto Bar (other locations will still be confirmed) in Novo Hamburgo, on May 20, 21 and 22. It will be the first time the Pint of Science happens in this town.

According to Rodrigo Staggemeier, Advisor for Research and Extension at Feevale and coordinator of the Pint of Science in Novo Hamburgo, this event will be an opportunity to share the knowledge produced in the several research projects of the University. "The society deserves a return on what is being done in the Institutions, what really brings benefits to the population, and this event is an effective channel of dissemination in several countries. Imagine a relaxed talk in a bar or restaurant - it's a brilliant way to make people know that science is essential to the development of a country ", says Staggemeier.
Additional information

The idea of creating the event came up when two researchers of Imperial College London, Michael Motskin and Praveen Paul, organized the Researchers Meeting in 2012 The experience was so inspiring that they decided to propose an action where researchers could leave universities and research institutes to talk to people, so in May 2013 the Pint of Science was created. Since then, the event has grown - in 2018, 21 countries participated. For additional information: https://pintofscience.com.br/