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Feevale University has launched teaching concept based on Finnish methodologies

24/08/2021 - Atualizado 15h59min

The opening of the program, held in partnership with Tampere University, took place this Friday

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An unprecedented partnership, nationally and internationally, was materialized last Friday morning, 20th, with the launch of Mentored Teacher Education – Brazil/Finland, a teacher training program based on an international cooperation agreement between Feevale University and Tampere University, from Finland. The objective is to qualify teachers and professors, in an innovative and collaborative way, through Finnish methodologies.

The opening was attended by the Rector of Feevale University, Cleber Prodanov, and the president of Tampere University, Mari Walls. In addition, representatives of the two institutions, rectors of community universities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and authorities, such as the ambassador of Finland in Brazil, Jouko Johannes Leinonen, and the ambassador of Brazil in Finland, João Luiz de Barros Pereira Pinto, were present.

Mentored Teacher Education - Brazil/Finland continues a 15-year relationship among Feevale University and Finnish institutions.

From the moment we first arrived in Finland, we started a very prosperous relationship from the point of view of education, research and other joint actions. By starting this program, we have begun a process of accelerating our relationship and deepening our knowledge of all Finnish technologies and methodologies," said Prodanov.

Mari Walls said it is an honor for Tampere University to deepen partnership with Feevale. "We seek a sustainable society, which is only possible through partnerships like this. I am honored to be here participating and I would like to congratulate everyone involved for bringing the program to reality. I wish Mentored Teacher Education - Brazil/Finland success," said the president. Tampere School of Education and Culture Director, Päivi Pahta, explained that an important part of Finland's education model is teaching through mentoring. “Our aim is to give teachers the opportunity to grow professionally within the work environment through the mentoring of another highly qualified professional in the same area”, she highlighted.

The vice president of Tampere University, Marja Sutela, highlighted that all activities are based on research and development of the teacher's experience in classroom. “Through the program, we will be able to share our experiences about education and inspire each other, thus creating new methods of continuous learning”, she said.

“Competent and committed teachers are one of the successful factors in education in Finland. Nowadays, teacher education is one of the biggest areas of international cooperation”, stated the ambassador of Finland in Brazil, Jouko Johannes Leinonen. “There is no stronger link than those who are created through education and culture. I am happy and honored to bring another brick to be placed on this bridge that unites the two countries”, added the ambassador of Brazil in Finland, João Luiz de Barros Pereira Pinto.

After the opening, participants were able to attend the first class of the program, which was online and was taught by Finnish professor Eero Ropo, with the theme The success of education: teaching and learning principles in Finnish schools. “It is a pleasure to be at the opening of this program. It is an excellent step towards cooperation between Feevale University and Tampere University,” said Ropo. PhD from Tampere University, he is an expert in teacher training and in integration of technologies into education. During the broadcast, Eero addressed Finland's educational system and the successful factors related to them. In addition, he presented an overview of teaching practice and addressed the historical and political issues of the subject.

About training

The first group of Mentored Teacher Education - Brazil/Finland is composed of 79 professors and teachers from Feevale University and Feevale Elementary and Secondary School, who will be to replicate the the methodology in the State and in Brazil. The course will last two years, comprising five modules: Fundamentals of teacher training with mentoring; Mentoring in teacher training; Institutional development in teacher training; Piloting mentoring; and Seminars.


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