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Feevale graduate of Journalism works in the field of digital communication in Milan

08/03/2022 - Atualizado 07/03/2022 13h43min

Laura Ebert hopes to grow at the company where she works and specialize in content design

Laura Ebert

Living in Milan, Italy for 10 years, Laura Ebert, a graduate of Journalism at Feevale University, works in the field of Digital Communication as a social media specialist. Using the ability to write, acquired during graduation, the journalist says that this is the main aspect she uses in her daily life, in addition to her curiosity and interest in learning more day after day.

“I chose to study Journalism, because since I was a child, I wanted to work in a newsroom. In Brazil, I worked for two years writing for a magazine; it was my first job and I remember that experience with great affection”, says Laura. Currently, Laura works with UX Writing and Content Design and addresses both the design and communication sides, producing textual content aimed at optimizing a user experience.

The graduate considers herself to have a different job today, but one that she believes has followed the evolution of digital communication. Laura is also a specialist in Communication for International Relations, a course she took in Milan, which helped her even more to enter the job market abroad.

When I arrived, I had no visibility of what the Italian market was like, what the requirements were and how the demand was for foreigners in jobs in the communication area”, she explains.

To the journalist, Feevale is a thorough institution, which keeps itself updated and provides service to the community, what makes her very proud. “I believe that the great value of under-graduation was learning from excellent professors, who even gave me a lot of support so that I could really take advantage of the opportunity that my family could give me: to study abroad”, she highlights. In the future, Laura aims to specialize even more in content design, continuing to grow within the company she works for.


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