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Feevale and Peruvian university plan to expand partnership

18/11/2021 - Atualizado 17/11/2021 18h09min

The expansion of the partnership in the areas of teaching and innovation is being prospected


The Rector of Feevale University, Cleber Prodanov, received on Wednesday afternoon, the 10th, the visit of Professor Jaime Muro, Academic Head of Communications at the Toulouse Lautrec Institute, in Peru. Also participated in the activity the director of International and Institutional Affairs at Feevale, Paula Casari Cundari, and the director of the Institution's Human and Social Sciences Institute, Luis Henrique Rauber.

The meeting had the aim of planning the expansion of the existing partnership between the universities, mainly in the areas of teaching and innovation, with the promotion of undergraduate courses in Feevale Way Digital and postgraduate courses carried out simultaneously in Brazil and Peru, with double degree, as well as internship and exchange activities. In addition, there is the possibility of connections and agreements among entrepreneurs from Feevale Techpark and the Peruvian market, based on the feasibility of an Institute's technology hub in its country, with consultancy by Feevale.

For Prodanov, it is important to expand the partnership. “We are already carrying out some activities and they have been working very well, with students from both universities very satisfied with the results obtained and in line with our proposal to offer the best possible qualification for our students to enter the labor market”, he highlights. “We are creating a working group so that the possibilities are effective, which is fundamental for Feevale's growth in Latin America”, complements the Rector.


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