Electronic sensors can detect bacteria and other organic materials in Rio dos Sinos | Universidade Feevale

Electronic sensors can detect bacteria and other organic materials in Rio dos Sinos

03/05/2017 - Atualizado 14h08min

A research project of Feevale and a Danish University will work under the objective of developing smart monitoring systems to control water quality

This week, Feevale University Pro-Rector’s Office of Research, Graduate Studies and Extension, Proppex, through the graduate program in environmental quality, receives researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, targeting together future projects on environmental quality. On Monday, 24th, the faculty of both institutions attended a workshop at Feevale Techpark, in Campo Bom, with the goal of bringing them together. Yet, on Tuesday, 25th, a meeting took place, under what had been discussed at the workshop, so that both universities might align future projects altogether.

At the meeting, negotiations were initiated for a research project focused on the development of a platform for a real time water monitoring, using combined physical, chemical and biological agents, also called Real Time Monitoring System.The survey aims to collect experiences on water quality and engineering and technologies areas, whereas Limnology and Ecology researchers are at Feevale University and engineering researchers on biossensitivity are at the University of Southern Denmark.

The project will be developed simultaneously by both institutions, and in June this current year, Professor José Galizia Tundisi will be visiting the University of Southern Denmark, when both universities will be discussing the project draft.From now on, web conferences will be attended, intending  finish writing the project until the end of this current year, so that it may be submitted to external funding agencies in Brazil and abroad.This is all about a technological innovation, potentially to a patent and a large consumer market.

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