A student receives a scholarship to study Italy | Universidade Feevale

A student receives a scholarship to study Italy

21/11/2017 - Atualizado 09h20min

Bruna Ghesla Wolff is part of a research group that proposes ergonomic adaptations for wheelchairs 

An academic of the Design course at Feevale University, Bruna Ghesla Wolff, was selected to attend a summer course on Business Strategy and Marketing Management, at Cuoa Business School – Centro Universitario di Aziendale, in Italy. The European interchange was made possible through a public notice of the pro-rectory of Education and the International Affairs Office of the Institution, under a key criterion to select a student involved with a Scientific Initiation Program at the University. 

Bruna has been a Scientific Initiation scholarship student for two years for the research group focused on accessibility and social inclusion of wheelchair users, led by the coordinator of the graduate program in Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion, Jacinta Sidegum Renner. This year, she has been a trainee researcher at Feevale University, working with the proposals of ergonomic adaptations for wheelchairs, aiming to improve the quality of life of the wheelchair users.
‘I am developing my Final Term Project under professor Jacinta’s orientation, focusing on promoting accessible tourism. In this sense, I have created an NGO of wheelchair users in my city, Gramado, where I have been developing an accessibility booklet based on Brazilian standards like ABNT NBR9050 to assist tourist sites so that they may devolve into accessible’, she explains.

The student reports that her key objective is to attend the Masters in Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion of Feevale, in the future. ‘This summer course is focused on Administration and Business – I believe that for my profession, this perspective will be also important because my intention is to start a company in my field of studies’, she adds. The course in Italy is taking place from January 8th to 25th, 2018.


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