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Feevale is receiving Finnish professors this Tuesday

20/11/2017 - Atualizado 16h19min

The International Affairs Office of Feevale University is receiving faculties from Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), of Finland, during November 21st and 25th. Professors from the Finnish University Petri Fabrin, Timo Kärppä and Kaisa Puhakka will be welcomed on day 21st, by the International Relations Director of the Institution, Paula Casari Cundari, and by some of Feevale faculties like Ewerton Cappelatti, Valeria Zanetti, Vanusca Jahno, Carlos Carone and Fernando Morisso in room number 2 of Rectory, located at the Purple building of the Campus II of the University, at 3:30 pm.

The visitors are at the University to verify the stage in which the tests of the materials subjected to weathering conditions*, all of them developed in both universities, once metal analysis made by HAMK and polymers were tested at Feevale, as in Brazil as Finland; to discuss the possibility of new cooperation agreements in the area of plastics; to address topics related to 3D technology and reverse engineering, as well as to articulate a future cooperation in this area; to visit local technology companies, specialized in 3D reverse engineering; to get to know the Digital Games course at Feevale University and visit Feevale Techpark; and to develop projects of e-learning courses on Finnish and Portuguese languages for international students.

Weathering: mechanical, chemical and biological processes that cause the disintegration and decay of rocks.


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