Strategic partnership between Feevale and Nordic universities is focus of meeting | Universidade Feevale

Strategic partnership between Feevale and Nordic universities is focus of meeting

27/03/2018 - Atualizado 09h39min

Representatives debate Beyond: Alliance for Knowledge (BAK)

Last week, Feevale University received representatives from Häme University of Applied Sciences (Hamk), Finland, VIA University College, Denmark, and diplomats. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen Beyond: Alliance for Knowledge (BAK) - trilateral agreement between the three institutions. The activities began last Wednesday, March 21, with the reception and explanations about the doctoral programs and the contribution of the university to the entrepreneurial formation. The program followed on Thursday 22nd with cultural presentations, work meetings and visits to the university's laboratories, Feevale Theater and Feevale Techpark.

The reception was attended by Rector Inajara Vargas Ramos and the Director of International Affairs, Prof. Paula Casari Cundari, from Feevale; Rector Pertti Puusaari and Mrs. Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä, Human Resources and Development Director from Hamk ; Rector Harald Mikkelsen and Mrs. Jonna Pedersen, Director of Innovation and Internationalization of the School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries from Via, the ambassador of Finland to Brazil, Markku Virri; the Chief Ambassador of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Ms. Eliana da Costa e Silva Puglia; the Vice President of Innovation Center Denmark in the Consulate-General of Denmark in Sao Paulo, Ms. Stina Nordsborg; and by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection , Mr. Udo Sarlet, representing the city hall of Novo Hamburgo, among other authorities. "This is a very united group, which sets out common problems and social demands, discusses and evaluates the way each country tries to solve these needs, seeking the production and continuation of knowledge. It is an agreement that tends to grow in its different areas in Feevale as well as in the partner universities, "said the Rector, Inajara Vargas Ramos.

According to Prof. Paula Casari Cundari, the partnership among countries increases every year. "This work we have been doing among the three institutions is a reference as a Latin-Nordic cooperation. The agreement has been going on for more than ten years and is increasingly expanding its range of action. It is a very well-structured initiative that involves research, extension, education and mostly the community, which is global, Latin-Nordic, " she said.

“It’s always good to be at Feevale because all the people here are very friendly and really welcome us very well. For me, it’s also important that the professors and students are goal-oriented. They want to go somewhere, they want to change the world. And we want to work together”, said Mr. Pertti Puusaari, rector of Hamk. For the rector of VIA, Harald Mikkelsen, it was his first time at Feevale University. “I’m here to see how the researchers and educators are working here. We’ve already had other meetings and we had high level discussions about what we can do together”, declared Mr. Mikkelsen.