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Internationalization of Feevale Application School is a variance for students

09/03/2022 - Atualizado 17h32min

Activities shared with foreign institutions are part of the Institution routine


How many countries fit in a classroom? At Feevale Application School, internationalization is part of the students' routine, being a process of collective and participatory construction. Interactions with people from other countries can develop in students, from the early years, essential skills, facilitating integration and expanding learning environments. “The Institution is internationalized and not just a bilingual school, as it provides experiences beyond the language”, explains director Janine Vieira.

The School of Application promotes, in partnership with the International and Institutional Relations Board (DRII) of Feevale University, several projects. “The School of Application is committed to the development of multicultural skills and abilities of its students. In addition to language fluency, students are in contact with various cultures and different ways of thinking, through shared classes with network institutions abroad, participation of professors and students from different countries, integration of content, activities and virtual exchanges”, highlights the director of International and Institutional Relations, Paula Casari Cundari. According to her, these interactions develop essential skills, facilitating integrations and expanding the learning environments.

Among the activities carried out is the Be International project: a world of experiences, with workshops related to culture, education, literature, tourism, cookery, volunteering and audio-visual production. Last year, professors from Toulouse Lautrec Institute (Peru), Universidad Austral de Chile (Chile) and Escuela Preparatoria Juan Alonso de Torres (Mexico) joined the program. In the second half of 2021, virtual exchanges also took place, through interactions with professors from Peru, Chile, the United States and Canada.

Already in the project Se Joga! – Constructing Possibilities, students visit Feevale laboratories, talks with coordinators of undergraduate courses, chats with regular and exchange students, entrepreneurs, and social and research project grantees. This way, exchange possibilities are discussed, students share their experiences and foreign professors talk about their institutions.

Finnish Methodologies

Last year, professors from the Institution started taking the Mentored Teacher Education, an innovative and collaborative program based on a cooperation agreement between Feevale University and Tampere University, in Finland. “We are going to create a joint operational model between basic education teachers, university professors and undergraduates, training teachers with essential skills for the 21st century”, says Dean Cleber Prodanov, remembering that Finland is at the top of international rankings that measure quality of education at all levels.

“Feevale University will be a center for spreading this collaborative and international work, the possibilities extending advances in educational projects and innovative practices based on the preparation of teachers, who will replicate this knowledge at the end of their training, following a new concept of learning and teaching, based on Finnish methodologies and technologies”, highlights Prodanov.


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