Feevale’s professor attends an event in Argentina | Universidade Feevale

Feevale’s professor attends an event in Argentina

28/11/2017 - Atualizado 08h37min

Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha represents the Institution on December 6th

A Feevale University’s faculty, Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha, member of the graduate program in Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion, is attending the XII Reunión de Antropología del Mercosur. The event takes place at Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales (UNaM), in Argentina, from December 4 to 7.

Through a research developed together with Margarete Fagundes Nunes, also a faculty of PPG, and professor Cornelia Eckert, of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Ana will be presenting the work on Urban water management, memory of landfills and environmental assets in metropolitan region of Porto Alegre/RS, which deals with the evolution over time that has guided the forms of occupation of the flood plains of the rivers Gravataí and Sinos, resulting in Lake Guaíba, today considered Areas of Permanent Preservation (APP). The article will be presented in the Working Group GT 26: Urban Identities, Places and Memories.