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Feevale University has defined how classes will be held in the second semester

03/08/2021 - Atualizado 08h53min

Classes are starting on August 2nd, with staggered face-to-face return

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The second semester at Feevale University is starting on August 2nd, with staggered face-to-face return. The classes of practical subjects and internships are starting face-to-face on this day. The others are starting remotely, that is, in the online format.

On August 16th, the theoretical-practical subjects (those that have moments in the laboratory) will change to the hybrid format, with part of the group in classroom and part of it online and synchronous with what happens in the classroom, which is already prepared for this. The following week, the groups will be inverted, that is, whoever was in person will go online and whoever was remotely will go to the campus.

On August 23rd, the hybrid model will also be used in theoretical-cognitive subjects (those that do not have practical workload on campus). As in the theoretical-practical classes, in order to guarantee distance and control over the occupation of the campus, the groups can be divided, having a face-to-face group and an online group.

The student will make decision

Feevale informs, however, that in the hybrid model no one will be forced to return. Everything will be agreed with the professors in the previous online classes. Even with the advance of vaccination, including the second dose for many, the decision to return will be up to the student. If students change their minds throughout the semester, they will just arrange with the professor of each subject.

We are prepared with all the security protocols to welcome the students back, but we want above all that everyone feels good to study", says Rector Cleber Prodanov, adding that, if students choose to continue studying remotely until the end of the year, there will be no problem.

The Pro-Rector for Education, Angelita Renck Gerhardt, highlights that the face-to-face return for those who prefer will take place in classrooms and laboratories, but with a different format. The desks and chairs will be separate and distant, following the sanitary protocols, and the students who are in person will be able to accompany their colleagues who will be at home from their equipment or from the professor's computer, who will project the virtual room of Blackboard Collaborate on the whiteboard.

This way, all students will be present in the same room, physically or virtually, interacting with each other and with the professor”, says Angelita.

She also says that the tool allows the creation of discussion and work groups involving all students who are physically at the Institution and those who are online, as long as they are connected to Blackboard, which guarantees interaction and learning.

In addition, the Feevale labs that were virtualized in 2020 will continue to be accessible to students, that is, the systems that are available on the University's computers can be accessed virtually, for the most part, allowing the professor to attend students in person and through Blackboard Collaborate, for those who are accessing from home. The Institution will also keep access to all laboratories, virtual libraries and software that were implemented last year, allowing students who choose face-to-face classes to connect the systems they need to complete their productions and practical activities during off-hours.

"We had many advances in relation to educational technologies in 2020. We will keep these achievements to our students and seek to increasingly expand access to technological platforms that qualify learning and the development of skills that differentiate them in the labor market", emphasizes the Rector.


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