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Feevale has signed partnership with UAE university

01/10/2021 - Atualizado 13h48min

Agreement provides for the development of research and other academic activities

cleber e paula

University of Sharjah, in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), is the newest international partner of Feevale University. Based on the cooperation agreement signed by the Rectors Cleber Prodanov, from Feevale, and Hamid M. K. Al-Naimiy, from Sharjah, the institutions will develop research and other academic and cultural activities in areas of mutual interest.

According to the director of International and Institutional Affairs, Paula Casari Cundari, the implementation of joint research projects and the promotion of scientific and cultural events are planned. In addition, there will be exchange of students, professors and researchers, as well as information and academic publications.

Student Rafael Haubert, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, will be the first to benefit from the partnership. Through an exchange, he will be able to complete the Physiotherapy course that was in progress at Feevale University. “It is with great joy that I receive the news of the partnership, so I will be able to keep the affective bond I have with Feevale University”, he says.

Haubert, who teaches jiu-jitsu in the United Arab Emirates, points out that Feevale is always seeking the development of its students and providing them with benefits. "I am sure that the partnership between Feevale and Sharjah will be a success, as the visions of the two universities are aligned in the sense of seeking knowledge, development and the best for their students and countries" - says the student - " The first step has been taken, I feel honored for this, as the exchange will benefit students from both institutions, especially from Feevale, which is in my heart”.


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