Escola de Aplicação received Mexican students | Universidade Feevale

Escola de Aplicação received Mexican students

10/07/2019 - Atualizado 31/07/2019 08h23min

Recepção dos alunos mexicanos

Students took classes in the 2nd Stage of the 1st Cycle of the High School of the Institution

Last month, the Escola de Aplicação Feevale received students from the Mexican high school, Juan Alonso de Torres. Teacher Alejandra Abigail Ramírez Tafoya accompanied the students Ernesto Hermosillo Guzmán, Ivanna Esparza Arce, Jania Juliet Galván Falcón, Jessica Karely Casillas Hernández, Karla Montserrat Cuéllar Pérez, Sara Elizabeth Casillas Lopez, Selene Guadalupe Ramírez Martínez, Vanessa Hurtado Rubio, Vania Jimena Barrios Sánchez and Ximena Rojas Vázquez.

This is the second time that Mexican students came to Feevale as a result of the cooperation agreement signed in November 2017 between Escola de Aplicação Feevale and Juan Alonso de Torres High School. This international agreement allows cooperation between both institutions through the exchange of students; promotion of scientific and cultural events; exchange of academic information and publications; mobility among teachers, and other benefits.