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Applications open for a finance-focused exchange program

08/11/2021 - Atualizado 07/11/2021 16h19min

Virtual business game is promoted by Feevale’s partner university in Belgium

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Registration is open for Str@tvision Plus – a virtual business game, promoted by UC Leuven Limburg University, from Belgium, a partner of Feevale University. The program is aimed at academics and graduate students from administrative courses who have experience in finance. The registration is free and runs until January 20th, 2022, by the e-mail

From February 14th to March 15th, students of different nationalities will meet virtually, divided into multicultural business teams. Each of them must achieve the objectives outlined at the beginning of the game, at the administrative, financial and accounting levels. After three rounds played, the teams must present their results within their market niche. At the end of the program, participants will receive international certification.

Graduate students Roberta Rambo and José Cervi Neto, both from Feevale's Master’s in Administration, have participated in this year's edition. For Roberta, the most interesting thing was the multicultural integration provided. “The main difficulties were the different time zones and the different accents. In spite of that, the experience was great and Str@tvision provided me with great learning about the cultures mentioned and the business world outside Brazil”, she emphasizes.

The exchange was a compulsory subject for the Belgians, which helped as there was always someone in the group who was very active and interested, while the foreigners learned the financial and accounting formalities of the activity that was proposed”, says Neto. "This proposal helped me a lot, as I was just used to the Brazilian way of thinking, not something with a diversity of thoughts and different cultures", complements the graduate student, also highlighting the good result that the group obtained during the work performed.


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