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The postdoctoral internship at Feevale University is a research program that is part of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program. It is aimed at holders of a doctoral degree with the purpose of improving the level of scientific excellence of the University. The requirements asked from the students and the procedures to be followed are established in the Chancellor’s Resolution n. 20/2018.


The PNPD (Brazilian National Program for Post-doctoral Research) is an institutional policy that finances postdoctoral Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs. It is recommended by CAPES (Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education) and aims at promoting high-level studies, strengthening national research groups, renewing institucional frameworks of Postgraduate Programs in higher education and research institutions, and encourage Brazilian and foreign researchers to enter postdoctoral courses, stimulating their integration with research projects developed by postgraduate programs in the country.

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