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Lines of research

Environmental Integrated Diagnostics
The line of research Environmental Integrated Diagnostics associates disciplinary responses to prospect and evaluate environmental quality indicators, as well as their consequences for living beings and human health. In addition, it develops methods of environmental diagnosis that integrate, in an interdisciplinary way, physical, chemical, biological, and socioeconomical dimensions.
It contributes, therefore, to the understanding of the interaction between man and environment, thus, establishing the prediction of scenarios. It also promotes the development of scientific knowledge and indicates the creation of technologies which aim at improving the conditions of the environment and the quality of life by meeting social demands.
Based on the creation of a common methodology that conceives integrated diagnoses, which range from geoprocessing to the identification of chemical and biological indicators of air, water and soil quality, this line of research contributes to the advancement of science and to a new perspective of the regional reality of the Sinos River Basin.

Technologies and Environmental Intervention 
The line of research Technologies and Environmental Intervention, based on the establishment of an integrated diagnosis of environmental conditions, aims at developing, through interdisciplinary studies, technologies for environmental intervention. The objective is to prevent, control and correct environmental impacts and respond to the challenges of complex knowledge for, thus, contributing to the improvement of the quality of the environment, to the preservation of living beings and human health, and to sustainable development.
This line of research focuses on the articulation and generation of concepts and on technological innovations and their applications, thus, meeting the demand of the society. Taking under consideration that these technologies and methodologies are transferable to different aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems and atmospheric conditions, they can be made available for use by the public sector, therefore, contributing to the government capacity to intervene and respond to environmental and population problems, as well as by the private sector, thus, increasing their social responsibility.

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