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Human and Social Sciences Institute

Research Groups

Psychology, Contemporary Subjectivity and Mental Health

Line of Research: Psychology and Human Development
Line of Research: Social Psychology

Languages and Cultural Expressions

Line of research: Aesthetic Languages: Processes and Production
Line of research: Language Acquisition and Development

Culture and Memory of the Community 

Line of Research: Culture, Memory and Identity

Education, Training and Diversity

Line of Research: Culture, Research and Education Practices
Line of Research: Policies and Social Inclusion

Environment and Society

Line of Research: Social and Environmental Management
Line of Research: Perception, Diagnosis and Environmental Risk Assessment

Communication, Image and Identity

Line of Research: Identity and Citizenship Process
Line of Research: Image and Social Practices

Media Processes and Ownership of the Media

Line of Research: Corporate Communication and Consumer Practices
Line of Research: Journalism and Convergence of Media

Creative Industries

Line of Research: Creative Contents

Law and Development

Line of Research: Law, Economics and Development
Line of Research: Environmental Law and Development


Line of Research: Innovation and Competitiveness
Line of Research: Entrepreneurship and Organizational Culture

Metropolization and Regional Development

Line of Research: Culture Dynamics and Social Conflicts
Line of Research: Public Policies and Citizenship
Line of Research: Audiovisual Narratives and Urban Territoriality