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Tuition Fees


2021 Fees

24 installments (interest-free) of  R$  2,391.51
Total paid in 24 installments (interest-free): R$ 57,396.18

36 installments (interest rates apply) of R$1,684.37
Total paid in 36 installments (interest rates apply): R$ 60,637.32

Alumni Discount: 10%
Paid-in-full discount: 5%
Fees may vary due to changes in tuition costs per credit. 


The Master’s and Doctoral academic courses count on scholarships offered by CAPES and FAPERGS. Scholarship selection process is carried out by the Grants Committee based on the annual quotas made available by development agencies and published as a Public Notice by Feevale.

Financial Incentives to Organizational Partnerships

Financial incentives will be granted to students regularly enrolled in Feevale graduate courses. These are funded by public or private organizations or by institutional partners through cooperation agreements. The discount percentage and the specific criteria for this support are defined by the Chancellor’s Resolution n. 08/2016.
There are possibilities of grants, depending on the availability of the agencies that provide them.

Financing Options

PRAVALER Financing

Feevale offers PRAVALER to students regularly enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University. It is a student loan managed by the college loan company PRAVALER which allows the students to pay for their courses for twice as long, with affordable installments. Limited vacancies. 
Access the website or contact us at +55 51 3586 9251 for more information.

CredIES financing

In partnership with Feevale, Fundacred offers a loan in which the student pays 50% of the monthly fee while studying and the other 50% after the expected completion date of the course. Limited vacancies.

Guidance on Enrollment

  • If the student chooses to extend the installment payment, a guarantor is required. At the time of enrollment, the student must go to Feevale’s Customer Service so that the guarantor's documentation can be examined. If after pre-analysis the documents are accepted, the student may request the extension to the installment payment period at the same office.
  • Upon completion of enrollment, the student and the guarantor will need to sign a commitment agreement. If the guarantor does not appear on the day of the enrollment, the student will have 7 days to go with him/her to Feevale’s Customer Service for signing the agreement. The non-attendance denies the request for an extended payment period; however, the enrollment remains active with the standard installment payment period. In case the student wishes to cancel the enrollment, he/she must go to Feevale’s Customer Service.
  • At the time of enrollment 30% of the first installment, taking under consideration the amount paid for each installment of the course without any financing, must be paid.

About the guarantor

  • The guarantor must have a monthly income of three times the value of the installment, considering the amount of the extended financing; 
  • The guarantor must not have financial restrictions;
  • The guarantor must be over 18 years of age;
  • If widowed or legally separated, the guarantor must present photocopy of the death certificate of the spouse or certificate of judicial separation;
  • Parents of students will only be accepted as guarantors if the student presents proof of own income;
  • Spouses are not accepted as guarantors;
  • If the guarantor is married or has a Civil Union, he or she must present a photocopy of the Marriage or Civil Union Certificate and the spouse must bring his/her documentation and sign the agreement as well;
  • If the guarantor is self-employed, he/she must submit photocopy of the Income Tax Return.
  • If the guarantor is retired, he/she must present a photocopy of the pension income receipt (it is available on the Social Security website).

Documents Required from the Guarantor

  • Photocopy of identity card, social security number or driver’s license;
  • Photocopy of the proof of residence.
  • Photocopy of Proof of Income: 
If wage earner: last paycheck or updated work permit and social security; 
If self-employed: Social security tax collection statement and photocopy of the Income Declaration Statement (done by an accountant registered in the Brazilian Federal Council of Accounting) for the previous three months;
If director of company: Proof of income and social contract; 
If retired or pensioner: Proof of pension income; 
If producer: Annual Income Statement (provided by the Trade Union).

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