Infrastructure | Universidade Feevale


The program has  labotatories available to support the opperation at the courses, related:
The Institute of Exact Sciences and Technology (ICET);
The Institute of Health Sciences (ICS);
The Institute for Human Sciences, Letters and Arts (ICHLA);
The Institute of Applied Sciences (ICSA).

Beyond the laboratories, stand out the research and Integrated Centers that are linked to Laboratories or the research groups.

CIP -  Integrated Psychology Center

The Integrated Center of Psychology is a complementary part of the course of Psychology at Feevale University. Created in August 2004, the space aims to promote scientific advances in the area and the qualification of professionals to develop knowledge, skills and abilities from the articulation between teaching, research and extension.

Research Center on Inclusion and Ergonomics

It is a space that enables the integration of different research, teaching and extension developed in the institution, with the object of study inclusion and universal accessibility from various perspectives, considering the human and technological, human and environmental interfaces and human- organizational, in the light of different fields of study, such as Information, Design, Communication, Psychology, Education, Sociology and Physiotherapy, featuring a proposal multi and interdisciplinary.

Research center in Education, Training and Diversity

The Laboratory of Practices in Education of the Research Center for Education, Training and Diversity, has resources of CNPq, and aims to create opportunities training experiences for social educators who work in social and educational nature programs, such as “Pró-Jovem”, of Federal Government.

Distance Education Division (EaD)

The sector of Distance Education, has a team that provides pedagogical and tecnological support and develop materials, supportig teachers, tutors and students, both virtual how personally. The Feevale University available to graduation and postgraduate courses, two platforms: The Moodle and Virtuale (environment developed by the university). 

School Clinico of Physiotherapy

Offers community care programs in neurology (for children and adults), traumatology, dermatology functional, sports physioterapy, respiratory therapy, community health and worker´s and hidrotherapy. 

Studies Laboratoryof Physical Activity, Exercise and Sports (LEAFES)

The laboratory provides technical and scientific support for the classes of graduation and postgraduate courses. In it are assisted individuals from the community in general, both athletes and non-athletes, to conduct evaluations through ergometric and ergospirometric tests and basal metabolic rate; power test anaerobic; in it is avaluated body composition and are given guidelines and prescriptions for exercise.
cardiopulmonar exercise 

Laboratories of Computer courses 

The Computer courses maintain 9 specific laboratories, totaling 163 computers of brand Dell, With operating system Windows 7 and Linux, beyonde 5 computers Apple Mac mini.  

Connected Classrom 

This lab is a space where teachers and students can experience diferente ways of teaching and learning, through the use of technology in the classroom, emphasizing the interactivity.

Laboratories of Photography and Studio  

For photography practice, the students have cameras (SLR), with objective lenses and photographic films; Digital compact and cameras (SLR) digital with various lenses (macro, telephoto lens and normal), that enable the prodction of pictures with diffetent alternatives of image capture. The Feevale University also has a place designed to receive intinerant exhibitions of photographic, and or other languages. The labortories are divided into three (03) spaces, each with appropriate air conditioner and furniture. They are: Enlargement of Laboratory and Revelation, Digital Photo and Photography Studio.  

Radiophonic Production Laboratory 

Destined for the radio production, the laboratory consists of two recording studios, audio operation, operation room, writing and classroom. It this laboratory some classes can use the place, and may even have community participation in the discussion, either by phone or the lobby of the building. 

Television Production Laboratory and Recording Studio

The laboratory has suitable equipment and environment for capturing, editing and picture completion; Has, still, with DVD players and television and a space to watch the presentation of audiovisual material. 

Laboratory of Oratory 

It is a space for learning verbal communication techniques ando of oratory.  

National Shoe Museum 

Backed by several regional and national entities, the National Shoe Museum (MNC) has its head office in Campus I Feevale University. The museu is a space that preserves the memory of the leather-footwear activity in the country, keeping a permanent exhibition of its collection, beyond to promote cultural activities related to the issue of shoe design and fashion. 

Documentation Center and Feevale Memory "Luci Therezinha Bridi". 

It preserves and organizes from the ASPEUR documentation, rectory, pro-rectors, institutes, courses, sectors, and institutional research projects focused to communities and extension projects of Feevale University. The objective of the Center is to preserve the memory of Feevale University and also available to researchers, for the community and academics, the access to materials related to the history of the institution and the region, as well as the preservation of the identity and memory. 


The Pinacoteca organizes promotions and disclosures of proven value cultural exhibitions. Its main objective is to establish relations with the community from artistic ativities, making it a place for the realization of projects related to Visual Arts, through organization of exhibitions, acquiring Works of art for the collection of formation and preservation of this cultural heritage on the institution. 

Ateliers for education of Arts 

The students have their available ateliers for the implementation of practical work, if their dissertation or thesis need. It is:
Atelier 01: Ceramics, modeling and sculpture 
Atelier 02: Printmaking and serigraphy 
Atelier 03: Drawing and painting 
Atelier 04: Drawing and painting