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Fields of Research

Languages and Technologies

This field investigates, specially, language and its technologies considering the cultural diversity of contemporary society. It also studies how the processes of exclusion / inclusion that are expressed in social interactions and in the relations between production, distribution and consumption of cultural products are manifested in that society. This field thus contemplates the social practices that permeate the daily life and the cultural expressions, perceived and interpreted, simultaneously, as means of conception of the real and its representation. Therefore, it is within the scope of languages and their technologies that cultural diversity and its forms of exclusion and inclusion are approached, starting at the following themes: social memory and identities, representations and daily life, communication and mediated social practices, verbal and audiovisual narratives, technologies in education, creative economy.

Social Inclusion and Public Policies

The purpose of this field is to investigate the processes of social inclusion resulting from affirmative actions, proposed by public policies, demanded and/or executed by governmental institutions, nongovernmental organizations and social movements. It studies social practices as spaces of exclusion / inclusion, such as those mediated by education, work and development policies, investigating the formulation, management and evaluation of projects and social inclusion policies. Diversity and its impacts on exclusion/inclusion processes include, among others, the study of the following themes: social practices aimed at citizenship; Institutional performance and public policies; social movements; relationship between work and education.

Health and Social Inclusion

This field investigates diversity from its relationship with social space, corporeity and quality of life, considering the ways in which human dimensions, environmental factors, social and technological contexts are articulated in social exclusion / inclusion processes. It develops studies on the manifestations of diversity referring to the body inserted in a sociocultural context. It analyzes the implications of human movement and development relating them to education for health and individual and social behavior. It studies in different groups and contexts the impact of socio-economic and cultural development, technology and the environment on intersubjective relations and the impact on the health of individuals.

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