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Academic Master's Degree in Business Administration

The Academic Master's Degree in Business Administration aims to train qualified masters in management, with reflective and critical capacity, capable of contributing to the expansion of scientific knowledge from the perspective of strategy in organizations, to work in higher education institutions and other sectors of society.


This area of expertise addresses internal resources and capabilities as well as inter-organizational relationships and external factors that potentially influence long-term organizational development. This area addresses theoretical and methodological aspects, seeking to build bases for a reflective and critical view in teaching and research in Administration, through the articulation between individuals, organizations and society, considering their economic, social and environmental effects.


  • Develop theoretical and empirical reflection on the management of organizations, especially regarding innovation and social and environmental sustainability;
  • Prepare students for teaching, research, and leadership positions in organizations;
  • Encourage innovative behaviors across the board, with a view to management and competitiveness;
  • Promote the generation of shared value, from the perspective of social and environmental sustainability;
  • Generate and share with organizations knowledge that prioritizes the design of sustainable strategies for research and development of new products, services and processes.


Graduates in Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism, Commercial Management, Industrial Production Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Logistics, Management Processes, Foreign Trade and related fields.


The profile of the professional to be graduated by the course includes competencies related to scientific research and management education as well as those directed to leadership positions in private, public and third sector organizations.
Thus, at the end of the course, the student should have the following characteristics:

  • Intellectual autonomy and critical sense of organizational management;
  • Ability to act in teaching in higher education institutions;
  • Ability to transform knowledge into value for organizations and their stakeholders;
  • Competence to promote innovation for competitiveness in different organizational contexts;
  • Collaborative action, sharing and managing internal and external knowledge;
  • Discussion, reflection and proposition of actions to integrate organizational strategy with economic, social and environmental demands.


The Academic Master’s Degree in Business Administration was recommended at the 184th Meeting of the Technical-Scientific Council of Higher Education (CTC-ES). The program is the result of an evolution of the Feevale University Management Research Group over the course of more than eight years towards building a master's degree that combines academic production with its Area of Emphasis and Research Lines, as well as regional demands for business development.

Coordination Commission

Coordinator: Serje Schmidt.

Substitute Coordinator: Cristine Hermann Nodari.

Full Faculty Representative: Cristiane Froehlich.

Full Faculty Representative: Paola Schmitt Figueiro (interina).

Alternate Faculty Representative: Raquel Engelman Machado.

Student Representative: Roberta Werner Rambo.

Self-evaluation Committee

Teaching Representative: Serje Schmidt, Dusan Schreiber e Daniela Müller de Quevedo.

Student Representative: Marisol Silveira de Oliveira.

Admnistrative Technician Representative: Ana Rafaela Soares da Silva.

External Representative: Daniel Pedro Puffal.


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