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Tuition fees


Standard payment in 24 instalments: R$ 2.128,55
Total Cost: R$ 51.085,20

Optional payment in 36 instalments: R$ 1.450,33
Total Cost: R$ 52.211,88

10% discount for Feevale's graduate student
6% discount of the total cost in case of at sight payment 

Values may be adjusted annually according to the value of institutional credits 

Descontos especiais

Scholarship and discounts

Master's and Doctoral Academic programs hold scholarships offered by CAPES e FAPERGS. Fellow selection is held by the Academic Scholarship Commission as of the release of annual quotas by funding agencies and the notice publication by Feevale University.

Incentive to organizational partnerships
Financial support may be given to the strict sense graduate students at Feevale University. Financial support is provided by public or private organizations, institutional partners, through agreements of cooperation. Percentage of discount and specific criteria for the financial support are specified in the Resolution 03/2009 of the University Rectory.

Scholarships depend on the availability of the funding agencies.


Loan options

Feevale University provides its undergraduate and graduate students with FES- PRAVALER, a loan program managed by the PRAVALER University Credit.  It enables installment of undergraduate and graduate courses at the double of the time with interest free. Limited application number. Please visit the website or contact us on the phone number 55 51 3586-9251 and check out more information


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