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Research laboratories

Feevale has 129 laboratories that support teaching, research and extension activities, where professors carry out part of their research activities and students have the possibility to carry out the experiments necessary for the development of their research projects. Among the laboratories available, mention is made of those that maintain specific equipment for the course development.


It counts on rooms of manipulation, rooms for colonies, hygienization and sterilization room, reception and auxiliary room, all acclimatized and with control of illumination for light/dark cycles. It has extractor hoods, metal cages, metabolic cages, heaters, stoves for sterilization and drying, freezer, refrigerator, support for cage washing, thermostat and timer for light and temperature control, horizontal and vertical autoclave, scales and water bath.

Animal Cytogenetics Laboratory

It is an air-conditioned room with luminosity control for fish maintenance in aquariums. It has 1 homogenizer with heating, 1 drying oven and sterilization, 1 bench pH meter, 1 histological bath, 1 sterilization and drying oven, 1 Solab shaker table, 1 trinocular Nikon E-200 microscope, 1 Nikon E binocular microscope -200, 1 video camera, 1 computer with image capture program, 1 refrigerator, 1 electrophoresis cell, 1 electrophoresis source, vortex tube stirrer, 1 Bosh freezer and 1 Biplex Consul refrigerator.

Laboratory Pharmacy Quality Control School

It has a UV/visible spectrophotometer with Varian kinetic reader, 1 digital durometer, 2 rotary evaporators, 1 refractometer, 1 analytical balance and 1 semi-analytic, 2 digital pH meters, 1 humidity measuring scale, 1 melting point Digital, 1 bain-marie with ultrasound, 1 greenhouse, 1 centrifuge, micropipettes and others.

Laboratory School of Biomedicine

Subdivide in specific sectors: Microbiology laboratories: 2 laminar flow hoods, 3 refrigerators, 4 bacteriological greenhouses, 8 Nikon E-200 microscopes, 1 semianalian scale and 1 water bath, 3 Hematology laboratory: 3 Nikon E-200 microscopes , 1 microhematocrit microcentrifuge, 1 Hemogenizer and 1 Hematology automation apparatus with 17 hematological parameters, Biochemistry laboratory: 1 centrifuge for 12 tubes, 2 water bath, 1 flame spectrophotometer, 1 digital spectrophotometer, 1 semiautomation apparatus Labquest, 1 electrophoresis source, 1 electrophoresis cell, 1 electrophoresis reader and 2 refrigerators. Laboratory of Immunology: 1 Access automation chemiluminescence apparatus, 1 water bath, 1 Klane agitator, 1 Nikon E-200 microscope, 1 microcomputer, 1 ANTHOS 2100 Microplacer reader, 1 EPSON Lx 300 printer and 1 duplex refrigerator.

Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology

It has 1 vortex tube agitator, 1 magnetic stirrer with heating, 1 centribio clinical centrifuge 12 tubes, 2 Solab refrigerated centrifuges, 1 programmable 18 centrifuge centrifuge, 1 HERMLE refrigerated centrifuge, 1 FANEM Excelsa centrifuge for 16 tubes, 1 Potentiometer, 5 horizontal electrophoresis cells (ranging in size from 20x25cm to 8x10cm), 1 large vertical electrophoresis cell (20x25cm), 1 small vertical electrophoresis cell (8x10cm), 2 sources for electrophoresis, 2 microcomputers, besides A microcomputer coupled to the photodocumentation equipment, 41 variable volume micropipettes, 4 automatic thermocyclers, one common for 96 tubes, one for 96 tubes with temperature gradient, one common for 25 tubes, and a biorad thermocycler, 1 transilluminator 302nm UV, 3 baths, analytical balance, anti-vibration table, exhaust hood, 2 refrigerators, 2 microwave oven, 3 vertical freezers and 1 maq. To make ice in flakes.

Laboratory of Comparative Histology

It has 2 Leica microtomes, 2 guillotines for mice, 2 polygraphs 2 channels Byosystem, 1 polygraph 4 channels Byosystem, 1 histological bath, 1 potentiometer bench, 1 desiccator with vacuum gauge, 1 vacuum pump and pressure Marconi MA 760, 1 sterilization and drying oven, 2 Biplex Consul refrigerators, 1 vertical freezer, 1 exhaust hood, 23 micropipettes and glassware.

Laboratory of Microscopy and Image Analysis

It has 1 Olympus CX41 trinocular microscope, 1 Olympus digital camera, 1 computer with image capture program, 6 Nikon E100 Binocular microscopes, 1 Elisa Spectrophotometer reader and 1 coupled computer.

Laboratory of Cytotoxicity

It has 3 vertical laminar flows, 2 cell incubators with CO2 injection system, inverted microscope with fluorescence system and digital image capture (Olympus IX73), 2 UV/visible/fluorescence/luminescence readers for cuvettes and microplates (Molecular Devices M3), conventional and refrigerated centrifuges, 2 autoclaves, 1 reverse osmosis water purification systems, 1 distiller, 1 nitrogen cylinder, 2 drying ovens and 1 sterilization oven, 2 vacuum pumps, agitators, 2 water baths , 1 digital pH meter, 1 microwave oven, conventional (8) and multichannel micropipetters (5), 3 computers, power supplies, UPS, glassware and reagents.

Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

It has 4 thermocyclers for real-time PCR, 3 conventional gradient thermocyclers, 3 nucleic acid extraction and manipulation booths (laminar flow), 1 next-generation nucleic acid sequencer (MiSeq), 1 RNA microarray analyzer (GeneAtlas), horizontal and vertical electrophoresis tanks, 1 optical inverted microscope with digital photodocumentation system, 5 duplex refrigerators, 3 vertical laminar flows, 1 freezer -80 ° C, 1 incubator of cells with CO2 injection system, 1 ultracentrifuge , 1 plate spectrophotometer with variable filters (it is now in the Biomedicine Lab), 1 SINGLEs reading spectrophotometer, 1 autoclave, 2 water ultrapurification systems, 2 nitrogen cylinders, 2 drying greenhouses and 1 bacteriological stove, 1 Bacterial plate QuantiQ, 1 JarTest for fluids, 4 centrifuges, digital pH meter, 1 microwave oven, conventional and multichannel micropipettes 10 computers, as well as other equipment, glassware and reagents.

Chemistry lab

It has all the glassware material, reagents and basic equipment for research projects development: 6 magnetic stirrers, 1 melting point apparatus, 3 vortex stirrers, 2 analytical balances, 1 water bath, 1 vacuum pump, 3 desiccators, 1 digital spectrophotometer, 1 sterilization oven and drying, 1 electric blanket of 1000 mL, 1 electric blanket of 500 mL, 2 electrical blankets of 250 mL, 5 meters pH, 1 balance semianalitic, 1 refrigerator with freezer -20 ° C (standard), 1 vacuum pump and pressure, 1 9 liter digital water bath, 7 benchtop bench thermometers, 12 micropipettes (10-100uL; 100-1000uL), laboratory glassware (beaker, graduated pipettes, Test, etc.), 2 vortex table stirrers, 1 UV/Vis spectrophotometer, tabletop centrifuge and 10 L/h water distiller.

Toxicology Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with: high performance liquid chromatograph ShimadzuClass VP, with quaternary pump, autosampler, column furnace and detectors of diode array and fluorescence; Waters Acquity ultra-efficient liquid chromatograph with two pumps, auto-sampler, column oven and diode array detector; ThermoAccela 600 ultra-efficient liquid chromatograph with quaternary pump, auto-sampler, column oven and diode arrangement detector; Varian CP3800 Gas Chromatograph with Flame Ionization and Nitrogen and Phosphorus Selective Detectors associated with a Combi-Pal multifunction sampler; Focus gas chromatograph coupled to Thermo ISQ quadruple mass spectrometer, with Triplus auto sampler with headspace, liquid and SPME mode injection; Thermo Ultimate 3000 ultra-efficient liquid chromatograph coupled with the Quantum Access MAX sequential mass detector (LC-MS / MS); Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 600 atomic absorption spectrophotometer, with electrothermal atomization and cold steam generator; UV-Vis Shimadzu spectrophotometer; UV-Vis spectrophotometer Genesys 10S ThermoCientific; Thermostated agitator for Eppendorf Thermomixer C microtubes plus sample concentrator from Eppendorf, ASPEC solid phase extraction automation system, Hetch ball mill.

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