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Feevale has 129 laboratories that help to assist education actions, research and extension programs. Among all these labs, we will list those which offer the most important equipment to the development of the Program.

Sector of Online Education

This sector holds a group of professionals who offers pedagogical, technological and material development support, assisting professors, tutors and students, both virtually and personally. It deals with pedagogical issues that imply guidance to professors and tutors in the conduction of the teaching-learning process, as well as in the attendance, control a production of didactic material. It offers studies to the recording of video classes and production of videoconferences and labs to the development of learning objects. It presents to undergraduate and graduate courses a set of tools for Blackboard software, among them, virtual learning environment, web conference tool (Collaborate) and mobile solutions. 

Writing lab

Lab designed to the production of texts, equipped with computers and software; it answers to the demands of disciplines that require specific graphic production and writing software. There are 20 computers with the following programs: Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office. 

Photographic Lab

Concerning photographic practice, students have to their disposition 20 cameras (SLR) with film and objective lenses; 07 compact digital cameras and 12 digital cameras (SLR) with a set of different lenses (macro, telephoto and standard), that allow the production of photos with different alternatives of image capture. Feevale also has a particular place to receive exhibitions of photographs and other media.
Our labs are divided in three (03) spaces, all of them with air conditioning and proper furniture. They are: amplifying and revealing lab, Digital photo lab and photo studio. 

Radio production lab

This lab is designed with recording studios, audio operation desks room, production room, writing room and classroom. It has two analogic studios, audio desks, cd players, digital recording system, telephone hybrids (for live interviews), audio editing software and devices for transmission.  

Recording studio and television production lab

This lab has proper environment and equipment for the pickup, editing and image finalization; it possesses DVD equipment and televisions besides that, it has a space where people can watch the production of audiovisual material. This lab is also used by Feevale TV – institutional channel, set on channel 15 of Novo Hamburgo NET. The lab is divided in four spaces: recording studio, the editing room, writing room and classroom. This lab is used in many disciplines from the masters’ course.

National Museum of Shoes

The National Museum of Shoes (MNC) is a space that preserves the memory of the shoe making activity in Brazil. Located at Feevale’s Campus I, the museum maintains a permanent exhibition of its collection. It also promotes cultural activities connected to the issues of shoe and fashion design.


Our Pinacotheca organizes exhibitions of authentic cultural value and establishes affinities with the community through the organization of art exhibitions, the acquisition of art pieces to the formation of its collection and the preservation of this cultural patrimony connected to the institution. 

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