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The 2022 Extension Programs (SE) brings together actions related to University Extension through the presentation of processes or results of university extension practices. Within the scope of this event, extension practices are defined as results of educational, cultural and scientific processes that articulate with teaching and research in an inseparable way. Thus, through integral education, the transformative relationship between university and society is enabled, therefore, contributing to overcoming inequality and social exclusion and to building a more just, ethical, and democratic society.



Students from Feevale and other higher education institutions may register and submit undergraduate work under the guidance of professors. People holding an undergraduate degree may also submit papers, provided that these come from their activities as undergraduate students.


Stage Dates
  Registrations  From June 14 to September 08 2022  (São Paulo time zone)
  Dissemination of the accepted papers at the Merit Analysis 04/10
  Dissemination of time and place of the Thematic Sessions 04/10
  Thematic sessions 08 to 12/11
  Selection of the highlights of the event


International participants are exempt of registration fees. 


Authors should register for the event through an electronic form, available on www.feevale.br/fic. For registering, an abstract should be submitted, as explained in item eight of this Guideline. Submissions by e-mail will not be accepted.
The registration period for papers is from June 14 to September 08 2022. Registrations will be validated after the payment of the registration fee and provided that the following requirements are met:
a) filling in the data concerning the work and the author responsible for the registration: name, date of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, naturalization, ID number (RG and CPF for Brazilians), address, state, telephone, theme area, course, origin of the paper, and, if there is, funding body;
b) submitting the abstract, in accordance with the rules of submission established in the Guidelines;
c) filling in the data regarding other authors and advisors: name, institution, and e-mail.
Considering the mentioned requirements, incomplete registration forms will be disqualified. The participant may register more than one work in the event; however, multiple registrations of the same work are prohibited.
Feevale University is not responsible for registrations that are not received due to technical problems with computers, communication failures or congestion of communication lines, as well as other factors that make it impossible to transfer data.
At the end of the registration process, the responsible author and the advisor will receive an e-mail confirming the paper submission.
4.2 Authors and advisors
Up to six authors will be accepted for each paper. The order of the authors' name will be responsibility of the person in charge with the registration. Author one should be the person responsible for the registration and the other authors should be sequentially ordered.
The person responsible for the registration must be registered as author. If the name does not appear in the list of authors, the person will not receive a certificate and the name will not appear in the publications resulting from the event.
Up to two advisors will be accepted for each paper, being one used to indicate the advisor and two, the co-advisor.
The order given to the names of the authors and advisors at the time of registration will correspond to the order in which the names that will appear in the publication of the abstracts and the certificates.

International papers submission

International papers are those whose main author or co-author comes from a higher education institution abroad.
Cases in which the main author is Brazilian but will be abroad on the date of the event, he/she may request to make the presentation via web conference, as described in the Guidelines. 
When the advisor or co-advisor is a foreigner, even though the main author and co-authors are Brazilians, the paper will be considered national and the main author should request a presentation via web conference.
The registration of international papers will be carried out through a specific form, in English and Portuguese, available on the event website: www.feevale.br/inovamundi.
International papers are exempted from paying the registration fee of the event.
At the end of the registration process, the author responsible for the registration and the advisor will receive an e-mail on the registered e-mail addresses, confirming the submission of the paper.
All communication with the organizers of the event should be carried out by the following e-mail: inovamundi-internacional@feevale.br.
The stages of evaluation of the paper will be based on items 8, 9, and 10 of this Guideline.
International participants do not submit a virtual poster.
International papers will be presented via web conference, using the Blackboard Collaborate system. A platform access link will be made available to the registered author when the time and date of the presentation is published.
Technical information about the web conference system is available in Guideline.

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