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Feevale’s history began on June 28th, 1969, when ASPEUR was established in Novo Hamburgo. Throughout these years, many important commitments regarding regional social development were made, based on the ethics and the transparency of the relations that the Institution has with its public.

MISSION: to promote the production of knowledge and its democratization, contributing to the development of society.

VISION: to be a recognized university in knowledge production and innovation.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES:  Universality,   Ethics,   Excellence,   Social Insertion, Flexibility       Integrality, Autonomy and Diversity.

SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Production, development and diffusion of knowledge.

One of Feevale’s goals is to offer valued knowledge to its students, to prepare professionals who have global skills, and who are able to act in a borderless world. The Institution has the aim to make international cooperation relevant for the students’ and professors’ development in all fields. Academically, students, professors, researchers and managers’ mobility deepens the transnational bonds, creating useful connections to the development of research projects, publications, courses and universal knowledge networks. Feevale takes part in an international cooperation framework which is made up of 72 institutions established in 23 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Portugal, the United States of America and Uruguay. These cooperation agreements integrate scientific communities from different continents, intensifying the importance of the internationalization of education.


The alliance among the Union and private sectors together with the local community originated on June 28th, 1969 an association to be Feevale’s sponsor under the name Associação Pró-Ensino Superior em Novo Hamburgo (Aspeur). At the first Institution’s building – today Campus I – there used to be São Jacó School, then, belonging to the Order of Marist Brothers. In 1989, High School was implemented and in 1994 Education at all age levels, starting with five year-olds was finally offered. Nowadays, both basic and professional Education are offered at Escola de Educação Básica Feevale - Escola de Aplicação.

In the year 1999, Feevale was licensed by the Ministry of Education as university center and later in 2010, the center has become university embodying an important achievement in favor of the academic community. Pretty soon, in 2011, it was inaugurated Feevale’s theater, which highlighted the regional cultural scene to be recognized both state and nationally. Afterwards, in 2015, the Technology Park of Vale do Sinos was renamed as Feevale Techpark, assuming a new position, being even more linked to Feevale University as well as to the local productive system. Along the Institution history, the community is seen to be fully involved, as well as the concern about the regional development is present so that the commitment in constructing and accomplishing a policy may enlighten what really means to be a University.


Aspeur/Feevale foundation


High School Implementation


Education at all age levels starting with five year-olds


The Institution becomes a University Center


Feevale is licensed as University


Feevale Theater’s Inauguration


Vale do Sinos Technology Park is renamed as Feevale Techpark

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