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Research laboratories

Feevale University has 129 laboratories that support teaching, research and extension activities, where professors carry out part of their research activities and students have the possibility to carry out the experiments necessary for the development of their research projects. Among the laboratories available, mention is made of those that maintain the specific equipment for the course development.

Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

It has 4 thermocyclers for real-time PCR, 3 conventional gradient thermocyclers, 3 nucleic acid extraction and manipulation booths (laminar flow), state of the art nucleic acid sequencer (MiSeq), 1 RNA microarray analyzer GeneAtlas), horizontal and vertical electrophoresis tanks, inverted optical microscope with digital photodocumentation system, 5 duplex refrigerators, 3 vertical laminar flows, 1 -80°C freezer, incubator with CO2 injection system, ultracentrifuge, plate spectrophotometer With variable filters, SINGLE reading spectrophotometer, autoclave, 2 water ultrapurification systems, 2 nitrogen cylinders, 2 drying and 1 bacteriological stoves, bacterial sealer QuantiQ, JarTest for fluids, 4 centrifuges, digital pH meter, oven Microwave, conventional and multichannel micropipetters, computers, as well as other devices.

Laboratory of Cytotoxicity

This laboratory is equipped with: 3 vertical laminar flows, 2 cell incubators with CO2 injection system, inverted microscope with fluorescence system and digital image capture (Olympus IX73), 2 UV/visible/fluorescence/luminescence readers for cuvettes and microplates (Molecular Devices M3), conventional and refrigerated centrifuges, 2 autoclaves, 1 reverse osmosis water purification systems, distiller, nitrogen cylinder, 2 drying ovens and sterilization oven, 2 vacuum pumps, agitators, 2 baths, digital meter PH, microwave oven, 8 conventional micropipetters and 5 multichannel.

Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology

It has 5 horizontal electrophoresis tubs (ranging in size from 20x25cm to 8x10cm), 1 large vertical electrophoresis tub (20x25cm), 1 small vertical electrophoresis cell (8x10cm), 2 sources for electrophoresis, 2 vortex tube stirrers, 1 magnetic stirrer with heating, 1 laminar flow chamber with wheels, 1 programmable digital centrifuge for 18 microtubes, 1 FANEM Excelsa centrifuge for 16 tubes, 1 digital bench pH meter, 1 microcomputer, 15 variable volume micropipettes, 1 96-tube automatic thermocycler, 2 automatic 25-tube thermocyclers, 1 302 nm UV transilluminator, 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave oven, 2 freezers A scale ice maker.

Laboratory of Advanced Technologies in Biotechnology

New Laboratory, structured at the beginning of 2016, has a Flow Cytometer with sorting capacity, Thermocycler for Digital PCR (QuantStudio 3D), Ultrafreezer - 80o.C of 721 L and Biological Safety Cabinet A2+.


It counts on rooms of manipulation, rooms for colonies, hygienization and sterilization room, reception and auxiliary room, all acclimatized and with control of illumination for light/dark cycles. It has extractor hoods, metal cages, metabolic cages, heaters, stoves for sterilization and drying, freezer, refrigerator, support for cage washing, thermostat and timer for light and temperature control, horizontal and vertical autoclave, scales and water bath.

School of Biomedicine Laboratory

It has 4 spectrophotometers, 2 Biosystems® manual refractometers, 2 hematology analyzers, 1 flame photometer, 2 biochemical analyzers, 1 Stomacher type homogenizer, 1 Access System® device for hormonal dosages, 1 ALB 100 OR AB 30/35 water purifier, 1 Cobas Mira Plus Roche® equipment, 3 scales, microscopes, electrophoresis vats, pHmeters, manual colon counters, manual and digital hematological counters, water baths for pipettes, Kline agitators, 2 bench centrifuges, magnetic stirrers with heating, conventional and multichannel micropipetters, vertical laminar flow cabinets, bacteriological and sterilization stoves, autoclaves, 2 microwave ovens, 14 refrigerators, 1 vertical freezer, computers, as well as other equipment.

In addition to the laboratories mentioned, the course will also use other University facilities, among which: Laboratory of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laboratory of Animal Cytogenetics, Laboratory of Toxicology, Laboratory of Comparative Histology and Laboratory of Microscopy and Image Analysis.

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