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Research Labs

Feevale has 129 laboratories that support teaching, research and extension activities, where professors carry out part of their research activities and students are able to carry out the experiments necessary for their research projects development. Among the laboratories available, mention is made of those who maintain the specific equipment for this course’s development.

Education Sector

It has a team that provides pedagogical, technological and material development support, assisting teachers, tutors and students, both virtual and in person. This sector manages pedagogical issues, which presupposes professor and tutor guidance in the conduct of the teaching-learning process, as well as tutoring issues, control and production of teaching materials. There are studios for video-recording and video-conferencing, and laboratories for the development of learning objects. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses a set of Blackboard tools, including a virtual learning environment, web conferencing tool (Collaborate) and mobile solutions.

Writing lab

A place for writing texts, equipped with computers and software; It meets class demands that require graphic production and writing software. In total, there are 20 computers, with the following programs: Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office.

Photographic laboratories

It has 20 cameras (SLR), with objective lenses and photographic films; 07 digital compact cameras and 12 digital SLR cameras with various lenses (macro, telephoto and normal), which allows photograph production with different image capturing alternatives.

Radio Production Laboratory

It consists of two recording studios, audio operation, production room, newsroom and classroom. It has two analog studios, audio desks, CD player players, digital recording system, telephone hyphens (for live interviews), audio editing software and broadcast material.

Television production laboratory and recording studio

It has adequate environment and equipment for capturing, editing and post-production of images. The laboratory is also equipped with DVD and television equipment and a space dedicated to watch audiovisual material presentations. It is divided into four environments: recording studio; editing island dry cut with recording system and audio mixing; newsroom with four Microsoft Office equipped-computers; digital editing room (offline), which has three Sony Vaio Control Panel devices, a Dell microcomputer and a MAC OS, and the following software: 3D MX, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Flash, Nero and Sound Forge.

Oratory laboratory

It is a space for learning verbal and oratorical communication techniques, fundamental for students, since the course include work presentations and teaching practice preparation, which will be contemplated in the discipline Epistemological Foundations of the Teaching Practice. This laboratory features a video camera, home theater with five DVD speakers and a sub-woofer of 1500 watts, microphones, pulpit and 29-inch television.

Music Room/Theater

It is organized and equipped for activities involving scenic and musical expression development. The space has acoustic protection and ample space, where strategies related to musical and scenic education are developed, involving body, voice and movement.

Feevale School of Basic Education - School of Application
It offers classes ranging from Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and Professional Education. It is organized by training cycles, which privilege student trajectory continuity, their experiences and their characteristics, respecting the development and learning process, through an integrated action between teachers and students, making curricular flexibility possible.


Collection Description
The libraries’ physical collection consists of 178,600 volumes, 80,400 titles, 1,815 periodicals, and 5,475 titles of other printed and multimedia materials related to several areas of knowledge. The electronic collection cataloged in the Library Management System consists of 7,686 book titles, 20 periodical titles and several virtual titles signed or freely accessible on the internet.

In order to attend the Master's Degree in Literature, the main databases signed are the following:
A) Indexing Shared Journal Articles (ICAP) of the Pergamum Library Network: 132 scientific journals from 34 Brazilian teaching and research institutions, with access to 14,916 articles, of which 5,524 are online.
B) Portal Capes: Feevale was granted free access through the Periodical Portal to the Science Direct collection, to the SCOPUS reference database of Elsevier Publishing and to ASTM International standards, 12,000 titles on Materials, products, services and systems.
C) PROQUEST: from business to political science, from literature to psychology. This multidisciplinary database provides access to a wide range of academic topics. It features a diverse and highly respected combination of academic studies, industry publications, magazines, and newspapers in a number of English-dominated languages. More than 4,000 titles, more than 2,800 titles in full text.
D) Virtual University Library: platform with access to a collection of digital books with approximately 2,000 titles in more than 40 areas of knowledge. It also offers access to tablets (iPad and Android), selection of favorite books, electronic annotations on pages and sharing of content in social networks.
E) Science Direct: is one of the leading scientific databases with full articles.

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