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Feevale University takes inclusion as its identity in all institutional segments, pursuing equitable access conditions, students’ permanence and completion of studies, preserving respect for diversity.

Thus, in keeping with its mission to "promote the production of knowledge, the integral formation of people and the democratization of knowledge, contributing to the development of society",  Feevale respects differences and human diversity as an institutional purpose. The University also tries to identify, in its everyday practices and potential vulnerabilities of social, economic and cultural understanding, that this is the most appropriate way to make inclusion happen.
From this premise, Feevale University aims to promote action through its Accessibility Center and Permanence - NUAP - to ensure the inclusion of people with special educational needs to the academic life seeking to break the educational and physical barriers experienced by these students.
In order to guarantee access of people with disabilities, Feevale has an Inclusion and Accessibility Committee formed by a multidisciplinary team responsible for proposing policies to develop the accessibility culture in the institution. It also guides, analyzes and evaluates the accessibility conditions at the University by discussing and proposing inclusion programs, analyzing and suggesting adaptation in the ideas for Architectural Design to minimize physical, communication and attitudinal barriers.

Web accessibility

The site was developed following the recommendations of the W3C - World Wide Web Consortium Brazil, and web accessibility standards of e-MAG - Model Accessibility in Electronic Government.


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PS - Feevale is constantly improving information technology, providing adaptations and improvements according to new market trends and web accessibility guidelines. It is an ongoing project that will bring, in addition to a new look, new information architecture planned on user experience, accessible to web and mobile devices.

Further information

Address: University Services building - second floor. Rooms: 207 and 208.
Opening Time: Mondays to Fridays from 8:15 to 22h.

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