Master's Degree in Materials Technology and Industrial Processes | Universidade Feevale

About the course

The Master's Degree in Materials Technology and Industrial Processes is linked to Feevale´s Pure Sciences and Technology Institute. The institute develops advanced studies in technology development  of  material, which fields of research are industrial processes optimization and materials development and categorization.

Thus, this area of study demands a multidisciplinary approach which is developed through the areas of chemistry, physics and engineering. The program aims at training professionals who will be able to  articulate investigative practices to find problem solving strategies , and who will be able  to use  technological development and innovations in  productive segments, through their qualifications.


The area of emphasis, based on an interdisciplinary approach generated by the convergence of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering, aims to train professionals who are able to articulate investigative practices to solve problem and transmit, through their qualification, development and innovation to the industrial sector.


  • to train professionals to propose solutions for the industrial sector, through process qualification, improvement of existing materials and development of innovative products and processes;
  • to develop innovative technological solutions through the transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge to the industrial sector;
  • to contribute to companies’ adaptation to technological evolution, through the improvement of their human resources;
  • to promote industrial sector competitiveness by improving the quality of its products and processes, aiming to consolidate its position in the national and world scenarios.

Target audience

Graduates in Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; in Physics, Mathematics, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Design and graduates who work in areas related to materials development and industrial processes.

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Academic Field

  • Corrosion  and  metallic coatings
  • Polymers;
  • New  materials;
  • Combustion  ;
  • Adaptation of technology;
  • Analysis of processing ;
  • Thermal efficiency;
  • Reuse of waste;
  • Ceramic  and metallic materials, biomass and  industrial waste;
  • Leather processing;
  • Biomaterials ;
  • Simulation of materials. 

Professional qualification

The Professional Master's Degree prepares professionals to solve problems at workplaces, by applying scientific and technological knowledge.

Fields of research

Industrial Process Optimization 

It focuses on the study of variables involved in industrial processes, including operational procedures, developments, adaptations and equipment installations. The fields of research also include   studies of industrial processing optimizations and   structural and surface studies of several types of materials in order to develop innovative and alternative technologies.

Materials Development and Categorization

It focuses on   development, analysis, and material categorizations in the industrial sector, whose purpose is to guarantee better qualified inputs and products, as well as to develop alternative materials.


The Professional Master's Degree in Materials Technology and Industrial Processes was recommended by CAPES through Official Letter 086-12 / 2008 / CTC / CAAIVCGAA / DAV. The implementation of this Master’s Program took place in March 2009, when teaching activities began, and since then, professors, together with Pro-Rectory of Research, Graduate and Extension, have been investing in applied research to qualify the course and make it a reference for professional Masters in the area of materials.
The Master's Degree originated in activities developed by the Materials Research Group, which sought to develop and characterize existing and new materials for product development and manufacturing processes through research, aiming to meet the region’s technological demands.
It can also be said that the Master's Degree in Materials Technology and Industrial Processes came mainly to meet the Sinos River Valley region demand of having a professional Master's Degree that would allow University-Company integration. After the course matured, this integration has expanded, enabling partnerships in other regions.
As such, the Master in Technology of Materials and Industrial Processes, aware of its community role and co-responsible for the social, economic, educational and technological development of the region in which it is inserted and due to its interaction with companies, aims to fulfill the need for innovation and competitiveness through applied research, since the course intends to interfere in the industrial processes in order to make them more efficient through professional qualification.

Coordination committee

Coordinator: Marco Antonio Siqueira Rodrigues.

Substitute Coordinator: Carlos Leonardo Pandolfo Carone. 

Teaching Representative: Fernando Dal Pont Morisso.

Teaching Representative: Claudia Trindade Oliveira.

Student Representative: Eduardo Vinícius Petry.