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About the course


The course aims to specialize professionals for strategic management in organizations, from a global perspective, focused on leadership as well as on the Brazilian and international corporate environment


Professionals with higher education, preferably acting as managers in the areas of Administration, International Business, Accounting, Economics, Communication, Production Management, Human Resources Management, Logistics, Management Processes, who are interested in improving their global knowledge related to business management.
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Until February 2019

Note: it is necessary to attach the professional curriculum in the application. Registration does not guarantee the enrollment in the course. There will be a selection process with curriculum analysis. The candidate may also be called for an interview if necessary

* Dates can be changed.

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Beginning of classes *: March, 2019
Subjects: from March, 2019 to December, 2020
Schedules**: Fridays – 19h to 22h20, Saturdays – 8h40 to 12h and 13h to 18h, Sundays -  8h40 to 12h and 13h to 18h Monthly (weekend once a month).
Venue: Campus II, Feevale University.
Hours: 390

* Dates can be changed.


The course trains professionals specialized in managing organizations, based on the global vision for making organizational decisions in a comprehensive and strategic way. A professional able to elaborate and implement organizational strategies, considering the internal, external and competitive environments that affect the organization, capable for identifying the necessary skills and talents for contemporary management. Proactive, autonomous and ethical professional for the implementation, management and control of organizational processes.

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Patricia Raquel Bohn, M.S.

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Marco Antonio Mabilia Martins M.S


  • Eduardo Ramos | Tramontina
  • Dr. Celso Mattos | Unisinos
  • Dr. Serje Schmidt | Universidade Feevale
  • Dra. Manuela Gonçalves | Universidade Feevale
  • Dra. Paola Figuereiro | Universidade Feevale
  • Soraia Schutel | Unisinos 
  • Dra. Maria Cristina Bohnenberger | Universidade Feevale
  • Esp. Sarita Ost | Invited teacher
  • Dra. Moema Nunes | Universidade Feevale
  • Me. Moacir Rodrigues | Universidade Feevale
  • Me. Simone da Rosa | Universidade Feevale
  • Me. Marco Antonio Mabilia Martins | Universidade Feevale
  • Dr. Dusan Schreiber | Universidade Feevale
  • Dr. Cristiano Max | Universidade Feevale
  • Me. Felipe Menezes | Invited teacher
  • Esp. Michele Dauer | SAP


Global Economic Environment 
Managerial Statistics 
Strategy Formulation and Implementation 
Management Functions – Finance, Marketing and Operations 
Essentials of Effective Leadership
Organizational Change 
Ethics and Responsibility
Conflict Management and Negotiation
Business Communication
Global Entrepreneurship
Creativity and Innovation
Design Thinking
International Travel
Bandeira - Canadá


International Study Trip to Canada.

The trip program addresses trends in international business management; multicultural management issues, as well as technical visits to companies in the country of destination.

The value of the course also includes airfare, accommodation and transfer for the international study trip.




R$ 100,00 (special discounts up to 03/01/2019)


R$ 23.880,00

Installment plan

24 fixed installments: R$ 995,00
30 fixed installments: R$ 851,28

If the student choses the extended installment (30x), offered in the course announcement, he / she should request it at Feevale Information Desk and Student Services. In this type of installment payment, interest is charged under the total amount of the course. At the time of enrollment, 30% of the first monthly payment will be charged, considering the standard installment of the course.


Feevale University offers special conditions for you in the Lato Sensu Graduate courses.

Corporate Candidate

Contact the Lato Sensu Graduate Studies Center for information about special discounts for partner companies.

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Feevale offers to students who are regularly enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University, PRAVALER, a program run by PRAVALER University Credit, which allows the payment of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses twice as long, without interest. Access the site  creditouniversitario.com.br or contact us at  (51) 3586-9251.
For further information: Financial Services sector, by scheduling in advance by telephone (51) 3586 8800, ext. 8750.


Atendimento Feevale

Câmpus I

De segunda a sexta-feira, das 7h15min às 22h15min.

Câmpus II

De segunda a sexta-feira, das 8h às 22h15min.
Aos sábados, das 8h às 12h.

Câmpus III

De segunda a sexta-feira, das 9h15min às 11h30min e das 12h30min às 18h.

Retornaremos no prazo de 72 horas úteis.

Atendimento Feevale

Os atendimentos presenciais realizados no setor Atendimento Feevale de ambos os câmpus podem ser agendados.

Localização: sala 207 – 2º andar
Horário: de segunda a sexta-feira, das 7h15min às 22h15min.
Localização: sala 101 – térreo do prédio Lilás.
Segunda a sexta-feira, das 8h às 22h15min.
Aos sábados, das 8h às 12h.
Localização: sala 003 - pavimento 0 do prédio Sede.
Segunda a sexta-feira, das 9h15min às 11h30min e das 12h30min às 18h.
Verifique os demais setores que disponibilizam o atendimento agendado.