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Undergraduate Research

Dates: October 22th to 27th, 2018

The Undergraduate Research Fair is an event aimed at undergraduate students from Feevale University and other institutions from Brazil and abroad. It is an opportunity to present the results of the student’s research and technological innovation accomplished during college. The event also provides the student with the improvement of his/her academic curriculum, by having the work presented at an international event, in addition to receiving the certificate of participation and feedback from the examining board. 

The event strengthens scientific research and the applicability of its results, establishing an interaction between members of the academy and society, encouraging an exchange of successful experiences.

Works presented by undergraduate students must contain a methodology, present results and contribute to the progress of academic knowledge.

Guidelines for Registration - FIC 2018


Goals of the Event

The Undergraduate Research Fair general goal is to promote the dissemination and exchange of the results of research developed by undergraduate students under the counseling of advising professors. The event encompasses all areas of knowledge. The specific goals are to: 
  • Contribute to the student's academic training and learning, developing their creative capacity;
  • Disseminate the scientific research culture;
  • Foster the interaction between undergraduate programs;
  • Disseminate the results of scientific and technological output in all lines of research, particularly of papers that show innovative potential;
  • Promote the exchange of experiences among participants;
  • Enable integration between students and professors involved in undergraduate research activities in various areas of knowledge;

Advantages of participating at the undergraduate research fair

The event nurtures various experiences that contribute to an academic and professional background:
  • Contribution to students' academic background and consequent improvement of his/her academic qualification;
  • Opportunity to have his/her work published in a scientific event;
  • Receive a certificate of participation, valid as a complementary activity;
  • Relevant publication in the selection process of masters and/or doctorate programs;
  • Preparation for the stages of developing and defending a final thesis for the undergraduate program;
  • Expansion of knowledge;

Eligibility do participate

Undergraduate students from Feevale University and other institutions from Brazil and abroad are eligible to submit papers to this event.

How will the presentation work?

Those who are not able to physically participate at the event will present their work by web conference. An examining board composed by professors of the area of the student’s work will evaluate the paper and provide feedback to the student.  

Web Conference

The Web Conference tool can be used by all participants of Institutions outside the state or the country, who cannot be physically present at the event. In order to use this tool, the participant should send an email to inovamundi@feevale.br.

The Web Conference platform used by Feevale University is the Blackboard Collaborate. Both the student and the evaluating professors access the tool by a web browser, without the need for a specific software. It is advisable to use earphones. 
To access the system you must have:

To access the system, you must have:
  • Operating System Windows® XP (32 bit with 32 bit JVM (Java Virtual Machine); Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Mac OS 10.6 or higher and Linux;
  • Upgraded internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome);
  • Java Support - JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Current browsers already support Java and, in case of not having the JVM, the browser directs you to install the system. You can get this software for free;
  • Additional requirements: 256 MB RAM, 20 MB of free disk space, Internet access through broadband;

You need Internet connection through broadband, and the speed and quality of communication depends on the internet bandwidth at the ends of its providers, AS and national/international connections (PPT). 

The applicant must perform a compatibility test a week before the event, on a date scheduled by the Organizing Committee. The Institution is not responsible for any connection problems on the student’s end. On the day of the presentation, the participant must access the session 10 minutes prior to the presentation.